Italian school


Our school is a public comprehensive school with students, both at primary and secondary level, aged from 3 to 14. There are over 1100 students and 110 members of sfaff. About 450 of the students attend the secondary school. We have a prestigious music course with qualified staff who teach the students to play the piano, the guitar, the flute and the violin. Most classes have digital resources: I.W, PCs and tablets and all the staff in our school wish to increase the use of such resources during their lessons.

The foreign languages taught in our school are English, for all the students, and a choice of either French or Spanish. The students usually reach an intermediate level in English ( A2/B1 CEFR) by the last year of first grade secondary school. Our school has recently been awarded the certificate of “Virtuous school” thanks to its policy of E-safety, but we are well aware of the great necessity of improving language fluency and mastering the ability of using digital devices nowadays. Both these skills are greatly requested by the labour market.

Furthermore, there are quite a few students with special needs in the school. Some of them are affected by illnesses like autism, others have personality disorders like hyperactiveness and some have specific learning difficulties like dyslexia. They are very well integrated into their classes and some of them will take part in the project. Many would like to use digital devices more to facilitate their learning, especially those with neurological problems who have difficulty in using writing tools, but, similarly, also those affected by specific learning difficulties could find it helpful and efficient to use PCs and specific software, particularly during their language classes.

The use of audio or digital books is becoming more common but still not enough. For this reason, another motivating factor is to make our school one that gives high priority to inclusive education, on a wide scale, not only for students with learning difficulties but also for those who have social/economic obstacles and to whom we would like to offer greater learning opportunities. All of the key figures have already taken part in previous European projects and could share their experience with the other partners.

There are 5 English teachers in the school, willing to improve their teaching methodologies and bring innovations into their classes. They all wish to adopt new technologies as part of their syllabus. Our school also has several experts in ICT who carry out specific courses for students and teachers. Some of the teachers for children with special needs would like to have further training on the use of digital devices. The language teachers: A. S. Di Francesco, M. Cozzolino, M. Capone, the ICT teachers: S. Di iorio, F. Testa, and the support teachers M.C.Panzera and L.Vacca are the key people of the project.