Turkish school

Alara Ortaokulu


Alara Ortaokulu is situated next to the industrial region of Bursa and is the fourth biggest city of Turkey. We are a community of about two hundred and thirty-eight pupils between the ages of eleven and fourteen, seventeen teachers and a principal. It is a public school in low socio-economic catchment area. Students are eager to do any project work, curious to get to know other cultures and countries. We have four students from orphanage who don’t live with their parents and some pupils have a range of academic, behavioural, medical and emotional Special Education Needs. Teachers involve them in all sort of activities in order to integrate them.

We believe that every child should have an opportunity to exceed and excel to their potential so we would like to give our students the opportunity to communicate with children in other countries, to develop their language learning and broaden their horizons. Besides this, we as teachers can exchange our teaching experience with other teachers by finding out about education, schools, teaching skills, activities and materials in other countries working together to run a project.

We ran an Erasmus project, coordinated by a French school, and we would like to apply for another Erasmus project. We observed that communication with other schools in Europe enabled our students and teachers share their opinions and experiences, besides this relation definetely helped them to improve their English. All were great experiences for all of us.

We have 235 students aged 11-14 and about 16 teachers at this school.Both our students and their parents are very eager to cooperate on education and new developments. Our school has participated in the following e-Twinning projects: ‘’App and Up’’, ‘’Not Only letters’’,”My English Lesson”,”This is my School Life ”,”We are All Humans”. We experienced that studying and doing activities related to these projects, students got excited to know about other cultures and they loved to communicate with their European friends through letters and e-mails. Taking part in these activities pupils improved their foreign language skills. Both teachers and pupils would like to meet their European friends face to face.

In this project we involve all of our teachers. All of them are open minded and they would like to share experience and ideas with other European schools. We have two English Teachers. The contact person of our school has got e-Twinning National and European prizes and experienced in Comenius projects. There are two P.E. teachers involving pupils to sports competitions. We have Visual Arts and Technology, Music and Designing Teachers who are active and will help us running the project. We have an ICT teacher ready to study on the project. Other Social Studies, Turkish teachers, Maths and Science teachers are also very energetic, very eager to help us about the project. Headteacher and two of the headteacher’s assistants will also help when necessary.