Dutch school

Haarlemmermeer Lyceum Baron de Coubertinlaan


 Haarlemmermeer Lyceum Baron de Coubertinlaan 2 2134 CG Hoofdddorp PIC 929756253 school is situated in the Province of North РHolland. We are 15 minutes away from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The cities of Haarlem, Leiden and Amsterdam are also in close range. Hoofddorp is a satellite city of Amsterdam and has an estimated population of 73,000 inhabitants. Our multicultural community has a lot to offer, such as our water protection management projects, the spectacular flower bulb fields, various national historic and art museums and our world famous bicycle paths of course.

Het Haarlemmermeer Lyceum is part of the Dunamare Onderwijsgroep. In our vision Dunamare stands for: quality, professionality, stability, coherence and being focused on your surroundings. These values are to be found within the mission and vision of the Haarlemmermeer Lyceum. The Haarlemmermeer Lyceum is one school with 2 locations. The location Baron de Coubertin is for bilingual education for all levels: mavo, havo and vwo. We have 1400 students and approximately 90 teachers. The languages we offer are: English, B1-C1 Dutch started French B2 Chinese A2 GermanB2.

The age of the students who will be involved in the project will be between 12 and 16 years old. Participation in this project will lead pupils to become more aware their European Identity and, despite differences between countries, Europe has its own common identity. On the other hand, they will deepen their knowledge about cultural heritage of their own country, city and partner countries involved in the project. They will work collaboratively, develop their way of communicating and disseminate the knowledge and skills they have acquired along the two years partnership.

Staff involved: The coordinator is Joao Alves, language teacher, with experience in European projects. From 2007 -2015 was coordinator of Comenius projects, (12 projects) Erasmus+ and M.I.A. (mobility individual of students) in Lisbon, Portugal. His school was a model for the implementation of European projects. Sierra Siemens, Geography teacher Lotte Kamphuis,History teacher Anouk Wiegman, Geography Social Studies teacher Marloes Helling, Geography and Economics teacher We also have exchanges with international schools from England, Italy, China and Indonesia.