Spanish school

Escola Diocesana de Navàs (EDN)

Escola Diocesana de Navàs (EDN) is a non-profit high school that offers compulsory (“Educación Secundaria Obligatoria”) and post- compulsory (“Bachillerato”) secondary education (from 12 to 18 years old). EDN also keeps providing a wide range of vocational training courses (“Formación profesional”) for those who decide not to embark on the university journey. We have around 400 students, 50 professionals and plenty of tailor-made spaces for them to carry out their teachinglearning process successfully. EDN is in the centre of Navàs, a middle-sized town situated in the heart of Catalonia (Spain).

The main objective of EDN is to provide our students with a profitable academic training at the same time that we help them develop personally. We are well aware that not all our students have they the same opportunities (due to their study difficulties and economical situation background, etc.), so our school really stresses the idea of paying attention to diversity so that everybody is able to grow and learn to the fullest. To help our students grow and adapt well to the future society, they should have the proper IT skills as, in the whole world, there is a generalized increase of the use of new technology. Technology is everywhere and so there are thousands of digital resources that can be used in our daily lifes as well as in schools to better motivate our pupils. Schools all over Europe are introducing a lot of digital tools to adapt to the new World needs. Therefore we believe that using digital resources during the learning-teaching process might motivate students much more. Teenagers deal with technology daily, as they are digital natives, and we consider that having the change to work with online programs, applications and other online resources can boost their motivation and their leaning capacities.

The teachers in charge of the project are adaptable and flexible, with good knowledge of English and broad experience in dealing with new technologies. Anna Biosca (English as a foreign language teacher) and Marc Sibila (specialized in Electronics and Music, and owner of Instroniks – a company that offers innovative training programs to schools through the use of technology) will be leading the project together with other supporting teachers.

In today’s XXI Century, no educational system from developed countries can deny the responsibility it has in making sure that current and future generations achieve the maximum possible level of digital competence. Our school promotes digital competences applied to every single subject. For instance, when carrying out some subjects (such as English), teachers use digital books to display texts, grammar points and exercises and students share their works using Google Drive. Students also use Applications (GameZone- the Big Challenge) and Online resources (Oxford Online Learning Zone) to improve their skills.