Portuguese school

Agrupamento de Escolas de Castro Marim


The Schools Grouping of Castro Marim includes different levels of education: kindergarten, primary school and middle school, with a total of about 600 students and 60 teachers. All our students study English and Spanish or French as a second foreign language. Castro Marim is a small town in the South of Portugal with a rich historical, literary and cultural heritage. However, due to its geographic characteristics, it is far from the great urban centers in the Algarve. The school has a very active school community which participates in various activities to protect cultural heritage, such as the medieval days. The local community, including the town hall, is also very committed to this project. The school inserts itself into a euro zone, eurocity of the Guadiana. In this eurocity there are cities of Spain and Portugal.

The project is very important because the partnership between these schools could help to collect the information and knowledge about educational differences, cultural differences and different school systems in Europe. Every partner will share good practices, experiences and traditions with other partners. This collaboration will bring benefits not only for teachers and students but also parents of participant schools. In this way the local authorities will see the project participants with the opportunity to get to know the local culture and education systems and exchange ideas for a better education in the future.

Through this project we hope that students acquire position of active citizens in the fields of education, personal development and social conditions. The key persons involved in this project have already had experience in previous international projects. Besides the Comenius projects, the school has invested in other exchanges which involve different themes such as theatre, music, sports and student from professional courses.

Coordination: Pedro Tavares; Literature and languages / Maria Carmo Arquilino and João Viegas; ICT: Elisabete Teixeira; Arts: António Cavaleiro Director and Vice Director: Jose Nunes and Ângelo Graça Our school uses new technologies as the Erasmus guide requires, in fact we have an updated website where our stakeholders can participate actively to the school’s life.

Our school has already taken part in the Comenius/Erasmus+ project entitled “The books on the stage during the European school theatre playing” and 5 Erasmus+ which aimed at giving our students and our partner schools students the chance to get acquainted with authors of different countries and raise their cultural awareness, while promoting, at the same time, the development of key competences in general, (learning to learn, social and civic competence, sense of initiative and entrepreneurship). We have 12 eTwinning projects and teachers with formation of eTwinning, as the coordinator of this project at school. To represent our school in a best way, our principal will be one of the participants.